As a Coaching Staff our first priority is the safety and well being of the campers attending our camps. Throughout our entire camp we have medical trainers on staff for each of the camp sessions. Also, for campers staying over night in the dorms we will have several Camp Councilors staying on each of the dorm floors to act as that halls monitor.


Our second priority is developing the camper in the sport of wrestling while teaching them life skills along the way. Each of the camps will focus on different aspects of wrestling, so we advise picking out the camp or camps that will best fit your child in areas he/she could use improvement. 


Lastly, we want all of the campers to enjoy themselves and make new friends. Our camp councilors will play games with the campers usually towards the end of the last session of the night. 


                 Camp Coaching Staff


Jim Zalesky



3x NCAA Champion

4x NCAA All-American

7x PAC 10/12 Championship Coach

2x NCAA Coach of the Year

Pac 10 Coach of the Year

Big 10 Coach of the Year








Taylor Meeks 




2013 NCAA All-American

2013 PAC 12 Champion




Ian Miller  




3x NCAA All-American

3x MAC Conference Champion